Solar Panel

Solar energy is one of the most promising forms of energy. We want to represent an industry that will be the single largest source of new energy generation over the next decade and to grow as the unified and diverse industry.

Our Products

Poly Crystalline Panel

These two crystalline power are main part of solar panel. This leads to a lower final price but also lower efficiency around 15%, lower space efficiency, Major disadvantage is sensitive to high temperatures, lower lifespan & slightly less space efficiency.

You can quickly distinguish these panels because this type of solar panels has squares, its angles are not cut, and it has a blue, speckled look. They are made by melting raw silicon, which is a faster and cheaper process than that used for monocrystalline panels

Mono Crystalline Panel

This type of solar panels is more than efficient as compare to poly crystalline. These solar panels made of mono crystalline silicon is the purest one. We can easily recognise them from the uniform dark look and the rounded edges.

The silicon’s high purity causes this type of solar panel has one of the highest efficiency rates, with the newest ones reaching above 20%. But major disadvantage is that these panels has high cost.